How To Remove Moles…Can You Get Rid Of Them Naturally?

How To Remove Moles…Can You Get Rid Of Them Naturally?

Article by Steve Warren

Moles may look harmless, but they can pose a serious threat to your health. We are going to take a look at moles along with some simple, but effective ways to remove them at home.

Before we begin I urge you to be smart about your health and visit a health professional before you do any treatment on your own. This is the only trip through life you have and you are driving the only bus you will ever get.

What is a mole

Not every discolored spot on your hide is a mole. Though there are many kinds of moles. They can range from a tiny spot to a large birth mark. They can also vary from almost skin color to a very dark brown.

People often acquire more moles as they age. I remember a friend who was covered from head to toe with moles. Most are harmless, but occasionally a mole can become cancerous. Get to a doctor fast if a mole changes shape, color or starts a discharge. Melanoma is a fast moving cancer that can start in a mole.

How to remove moles

You see all types of mole removers. Some work, some don’t. The most common way is to have a doctor freeze a mole to remove it or have it surgically removed. Not only is this expensive, but can leave scaring. So, let’s take look at some home remedies.

1. Honey is reported to have healing properties. Go out and buy you a jar of honey and put a little on your mole under a band aid every day. It is best to use natural, un-heated honey, as the enzymes are killed when heated. If it don’t work at least you can eat the rest of the honey.

2. Garlic will cure anything. It is recommended to make a paste from a garlic clove and apply every to day the mole. It may not do anything for the mole, but it will keep away friends and vampires.

3. Cover the mole with grapefruit juice and wrap it with a bandage. Reapply the juice each time you change the bandage.

4. Squeeze out some fresh pineapple juice on the mole three or four times a day. You should start to see changes in the mole within a few days.

I want you to remember. Moles are just there. Unless they are a cause for concern, medically, just leave the alone. Look what one little mole did for Cindy Crawford.

You now have a good start on “How To Remove Moles”. Sometimes moles can be stubborn. So, do not become discouraged. There is a way to reach your goal of clear healthy skin.

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About the Author

Steve is a health enthusiast (translation…nut). He researches different health products, writes articles and provides information to those interested in their health. It is his belief that with the right information you can be healthy and happy.

Moles, Warts & Skin Tags Removal


Generic Aldara (Imiquimod): An effective Basal skin cancer treatment

Generic Aldara (Imiquimod): An effective Basal skin cancer treatment

Basal skin cancer is one of the most common cancers affecting Americans; it is estimated that nearly 20% of Americans are likely to suffer from skin cancer. Although most cases are quite easy to cure, the ailment should not be taken lightly. The chances of survival decrease with delays in treatment and hence patients should start using medications like Generic Aldara (Imiquimod) cream, immediately upon skin cancer detection.
Historically skin cancers were rarely found in adults below the age of forty but as the user records prove, the demographic constituents that buy Aldara are steadily showing a younger age. Hence, it is always handy to have a trusted source from where users can order Imiquimod online or from their normal drugstores. It is also important for people to at least keep themselves informed about skin cancer, its symptoms and causes so that they can start treatment immediately.

Skin Cancer and its Types

The human skin is the largest human body part and covers the entire length of the body. Its main purpose is to maintain the body temperature and usually be the first line of the body’s defense against cuts, bruises, infections as well as other miscellaneous external elements like ultraviolet rays. The skin is divided in two main parts: the dermis and the epidermis. The epidermis is a collection of various cells such as squamous, basal and melanocytes. Each type of cell has a different function and is located in varying depths from the exposed skin surface.


Cancer is not actually a disease, but more of a disorder. In a normal human body, when the body needs it, cells divide to form new cells and old cells die to be replaced by these new cells. Sometimes this process goes wrong and the cells start multiplying without any requirement or the old cells do not die. This leads to an excess amount of cells, which group together in visible lumps known as tumors. On the skin, these can be grouped in two distinct types of tumors – malignant and benign. Malignant tumors are the dangerous cancerous types, such as squamous, basal or melanoma cancer. Moles are the best example of benign skin cancers – relatively harmless and quite common.

Basal type skin cancer

Basal cell skin cancer is a disorder that causes abnormal basal cell growth. The proportion of basal cell skin cancer is very high in people with fairer skin. Generally affecting the skin surface most exposed to direct sunlight, Basal type skin cancer is usually prominent on the face and hands. The usual symptoms of basal type skin cancer are:
•    Tiny tumors that appear polished
•    Hard, reddish growth
•    Sores that regularly bleed or are topped by dried blood
•    Itchy red patches
•    Brownish or reddish patches that looks like a bruise with scales.

Diagnosis, Treatment and Generic Aldara (Imiquimod) Use

It is essential to diagnose Basal skin cancer and start its treatment at the earliest. Any unusual abnormality in the skin should be shown to a physician (ideally to a dermatologist). Usually the doctor would check the patient’s skin throughout, for any similar tumors. If the preliminary diagnosis shows anything suspicious, the physician may suggest in-depth tests like, Shave; Punch; Incisional or Excisional biopsies. Once Basal skin cancer is detected, patients should buy Aldara and start its use immediately.

Buy Aldara Online

Aldara is used to treat Basal skin cancer. Users should disclose and discuss all dietary and lifestyle habits with a doctor before purchasing Aldara (Imiquimod). Users can buy Aldara from their local drugstore or from an online pharmacy.


Get Rid Of Skin Discoloration tips

Get Rid Of Skin Discoloration tips

A healthy, soft, and clear skin is a sign of beauty and sound health. A lot of people suffer from skin discoloration problems that could range from mild to serious. Have you ever thought why your skin develops brown age spots, freckles, moles, or brown stains? In a nutshell it is because of overexposure to the sun, and the harmful ultraviolet rays. To protect your skin from harmful UV radiation, melanocytes present in the skin produce a pigment called melanin that absorbs UV rays. When the body produces melanin in excess, it leads to formation of age spots, freckles, and darkening of the skin. Skin discolorations can happen anywhere on the body, but the face and hands are the most affected part. With the advancement in skin care technology, it has become easier to get rid of skin discoloration. For many of the skin discoloration problems there are over-the-counter prescription drugs available to fix it. Applying simple skin lightener creams can also rid you of skin discoloration problems to a certain extent. If you suffer from skin discoloration, and want to get rid of it listed below are few tips to help you. Tips To Get Rid Of Skin Discoloration

Skin discoloration is a result of the overproduction of a pigment known as melanin. The more the melanin, the darker the skin is. Protect your skin against too much of exposure to the sun, and the harmful ultraviolet rays. Apply sunscreen lotions and creams before venturing out in hot weather.
Birthmarks come in various shapes and sizes, which appear at birth. Some birthmarks fade away during childhood. If they persist, you can opt for laser technology to destroy or reduce the globule.
Moles are skin discolorations that are flat or raised. These blemishes appear as brown or black. They can also grow in size with age. A laser treatment can help you get rid of a mole completely. However, make sure that you take medical advice before you opt for a laser treatment.
Age spots generally appear on your hands, face and chest as you grow old. Age spots can be mistaken for freckles. These spots have irregular shapes, and are generally larger in size than freckles. To get rid of age spots, you can use chemical peels, and lightening creams. A laser treatment can also be very useful in removing age spots.
Pregnancy can cause brown stains, known as melasma, on your face and chest. You can apply topical creams on the area regularly. Or you can use glycolic acid peels, and sunscreen lotions. Avoid too much of sun exposure during pregnancy as the stains become more visible during that time.
Vitiligo is a complete loss of skin pigment. This kind of skin discoloration includes autoimmune or autotoxic reaction where the nerve cells obstruct the production of skin pigment. For a lesser damage of skin pigmentation you can opt for an ultraviolet therapy to reduce the white patches, and in serious conditions of vitiligo, an oral medication is administered to obtain a uniform and a lighter look.
Dilated veins or thread veins appear like red traces on legs or cheeks. They are more common in women than men. The possible causes are long periods of standing or sitting, skin type, injury, heredity, and hormones. Laser therapy is effective in treating this condition. You can also opt for sclerotherapy where a chemical like saline solution is injected into your vein.
You can consider using whitening skin cream on a regular basis to lighten your skin discoloration.
Vitamin E is widely known for its antioxidant properties, and is used to reduce the appearance of brown spots.
Smoking can be one of the reasons that can trigger the appearance of dark spots on the skin. You should try to stop smoking for a glowing skin and good health.

Beauty tips online

Hair removal tips


Beauty tips online

Hair removal tips



How to Prevent a Skin Mole from Coming Back After Removal

How to Prevent a Skin Mole from Coming Back After Removal

Article by Sreeja

When a person has undergone treatment for skin mole removal, he cannot set aside the fact that skin moles have the possibility of re-occurring. That is bad news to that person.In order to prevent the re-occurrence of skin moles, there are things that you should keep in mind. First and foremost, the physician


Procedures for Removal of Mole, Wart, Skin Tag and The Like

Procedures for Removal of Mole, Wart, Skin Tag and The Like

Indeed the warts, moles, skin tags etc. can be unsightly. They might not be painful so much physically but they do generate emotional pain. The ugliness that is most often associated with warts and also at times with moles is detestable particularly from the cosmetic point of view. No wonder why so many people desperately seek worthy treatment measures for removal of the skin lesions.

Taking care to verify the causatives of warts, moles etc.

Any treatment course for moles and warts need ideally start with checking the right causative factor. The warts viruses cause the skin lesions. These are responsible for producing the bumps on various parts of the body including the soles at times. The warts formed display a granular nature. Medications aimed at controlling the infection ought to be administered in consultation with specialists/physicians. Being a viral disease the warts are contagious too. So, it is also important to check the infection before it spreads to other persons who are susceptible.


Deficiency of potassium in the system can also be the cause of wart formation. In such case potassium rich foods like meat, fish, milk and vegetables should be taken in aplenty in diet. Mineral (potassium) rich nutritional supplements/pills may also be taken in on a regular basis.

Surgical treatment of warts

The surgical measures are usually considered if the medicines, creams, lotions etc. applied for treating warts fail. This is also considered if the skin lesion formed is showing signs of becoming cancerous. For example, a mole may have changed shape and color. The surgical procedures enable removal of warts more precisely. They also help take on larger lesions. Surgical procedures commonly followed in cases of lesions are generally pretty quick and simple. Not even an overnight stay is required.

You need to be careful too. It can be that a margin of the skin around the lesion may need to be removed while removing the warts thus creating the risk of leaving a bigger wound that is more conspicuous than the original wound.

It is local anesthesia that is applied for wart treatment and soon after the operation this loses effect and pain can be felt. So, pain killers are prescribed.

Common treatment

A treatment measure commonly followed is freezing of the lesion with liquid gas. The wart area may also be treated with salicylic acid and other chemicals that are ‘painted’ on the area. This is later washed off and the affected area is dried and perhaps covered with some protective strip.

Post surgery or post treatment checks

You may be suggested to check your smoking and dietary habits for fostering better wound healing and reducing chances of infection.

Jason Uvios writes about on Procedures for Removal of Mole, Wart, Skin Tag and The Like to visit : pictures of genital warts, vitamin supplements for warts and rid moles


Remove That Wart, Mole, Skin Tag In 3 Days

Remove That Wart, Mole, Skin Tag In 3 Days

This is a little off the hook and I have been thinking how it’s going to benefit the followers of this blog and then it hit me; having a wart, mole or tag on your skin can generally affects the way you feel about yourself which in the long term affects your relationship. Since this blog is about anything and everything geared towards building strong relationships, I thought I should let you guys know about this beautiful discovery I just made. Who knows, any of you may just need it.

Some days back I went to visit my doctor friend in the hospital. I was down with cold and needed to see a doctor. After attending to me we sat down in his office and got talking. After a while a lady walked in and was very ecstatic. She had this glow in her eyes that told me she had come filled with joy. I turned back to my doctor friend and noticed he was smiling back at her and he had this look of accomplishment. And then the lady burst out, doctor, it worked. Look at my skin now. The warts are gone. Doctor look. My doctor friend stood up and looked. He was happy but didn’t look too surprised. Afterall he might seen that scene a thousand times. He prescribed the medication and he was sure of the outcome. The lady spent some few more minutes thanking the doctor and then left.


Am sure you know what my next reaction would be. Of course I had to find out what was causing her such joy. Doctor told me that some days back she had come with very serious warts problem. The warts had been on her body for a long time and were really causing her a lot of embarrassment and she had tried a lot of things to clear them but had failed until someone directed her to my doctor friend. The doctor prescribed a very easy painless fast way of removing warts, moles and skin tags from the body permanently. She was initially sceptical but decided to try it out and in days the results were tremendous. I immediately knew I should let you beautiful people hear of it in case there are some of you suffering from these things and have been wondering if there will ever be a way out of it. My doctor friend has been prescribing this treatment to a whole lot of people and it works wonders. In just days, you will have your skin back and your confidence will soar back.

You can visit my blog for treatment information.


As usual, I will want to know if you were helped by this article. Please do leave a comment or even a criticism. They are all welcome. Thanks.


With love


Flanagan Igboanugo is a freelance relationship writer who is using his personal experiences in love to encourage people all over the world towards building enduring and lasting love relationships. you can follow him on his blog:  http://save-this-relationship.blogspot.com.


Options To Remove Your Moles

Options To Remove Your Moles

While it is easy to simply get rid of your moles using one of innumerous cream based products off the shelf, the real problem lies with eliminating moles without having to deal with the scarring afterwards.

Trading your moles for scars is certainly no great bargain. Unfortunately, the most complaint is either that the mole returns, or there’s a scar to take its place.

Since different people have different skin nature, some people will respond better than others to typical treatments. There can be no certainty on how the skin might react to the treatment, and there are no guarantees of positive results.

Most people opt for home techniques since they are incomparably cheaper when compared to surgical options, along with a much lower risk of scarring, as long as sufficient care is exercised.


Matters become worse when you have to deal with prominent moles on your face or neck as they’re more visible, and the perceived need to get rid of them becomes acute.

It is possible that moles give you a sense of inadequacy, and the unfortunate fact is that millions of people still put up with skin tags, warts and moles just because they aren’t aware of modern methods of treatment that can actually be done at home.

In case you decide to adopt a home remedy to eliminate your moles, then you should take all precautions and follow the instructions to the T. This will not only ensure the best possible results, but will also keep you away from harm. There are solutions that really work, as long you make sure you follow the recommended procedure.

And, an easy and natural method to Get Rid of Moles in 3 days can be found on the following site. Click here to find out how you can free yourself from your moles without wasting your hard-earned money on useless over-the-counter products or expensive surgical procedures.

An easy and natural method to Get Rid of Moles in 3 days can be found on the following site. Click here to find out how you can free yourself from your moles without wasting your hard-earned money on useless over-the-counter products or expensive surgical procedures.


Remove Warts, Moles and Skin Tags and Regain The Beautiful You

Remove Warts, Moles and Skin Tags and Regain The Beautiful You


In today’s world, looks are very important to everyone. One spends time and money to look attractive and beautiful. One part of the body that influences your outer appearance is your skin and especially your facial skin. It must look fresh, glowing and healthy.

Sudden appearance of warts on your skin could be devastating. Warts look like an additional growth of skin or a lump pasted on the skin. In addition to their ugly looks, warts are also discomforting and sometimes even painful.

Warts are caused due to a virus, which resides in the root of the wart. Any treatment of wart must therefore ensure that the root of the wart is removed. If not, there is a danger of the wart reappearing on that part of the body and maybe in a more intensive way, shape and color.

The clinical remedies of wart are internal medication, external application of chemicals, burning the warts with laser, freezing the growth or surgical removal. The surgical methods, while giving quick and immediate result are prone to leave an after effect, which could be even more discomforting. They leave a scar and you have to now tackle its removal.


Home remedies for warts are therefore more safe and permanent. These remedies normally attack the root of the cause that is the virus. Most importantly, these remedies are easy in their application and cheaper in costs. Most of these remedies require items normally available in your kitchen.

The most important advantage of the home remedies over the clinical procedures is that they do not leave an after effect in the form of a scar or spot causing the person further embarrassment. With home remedies, the warts normally dries off and fall on their own. In some cases, the warts peel off with the help of a body scrub.

Home remedies are tried, tested and proven over a period. They are normally effective in most of the cases, however in some extreme or chronic cases the effect of treatment may take longer than expected. This should not make one lose faith in the effectiveness of the remedy or the treatment. Home remedies are still the most preferred one over the clinical ones.

If you have a condition of warts, moles or scars on your body and would like to treat them in a fast, quick and painless way in the comfort of your home Click Here

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How to Remove Skin Tags – At Home

How to Remove Skin Tags – At Home

Do you want to know how to remove skin tags? Skin tags are little growths of skin that are usually shaped like a piece of cauliflower and can appear in the most inconvenient parts of your body – faces, necks, under arms. And, for the ladies, these maddening little stalks of skin often appear under your breasts and around the pubic area.  

Friction with clothes can cause massive irritation – and bleeding and infection if located where clothes touch your body. Skin tags can erupt in more than one place on your body, and sometimes, in great numbers. They often happen in clusters, and are always rather ugly in appearance.

Your friendly dermatologist can remove these little nuisances easily and quickly – mine were removed surgically, with Novocaine to deaden the skin, and one stitch to close the wound. But, this was expensive, and now I’ve learned that there are very effective home remedies that you can use to safely remove skin tags.

Make Sure What You Have Is A Skin Tag
This is most important – because skin tags are minor skin growths and things like moles and skin cancers are not. The classic skin tag shape is usually elevated and flat or slightly rounded – similar in appearance to a single stalk of cauliflower. The size will almost always be less that one-half inch (and often, much smaller). The “head” of this growth is usually attached to your skin by a thin “stalk” called a penducle. The color is most often the same as the surrounding skin, or possibly slightly darker – but not dark.


Moles, warts and various skin cancers usually look much different than a skin tag. If you have any doubt that your growth may be a mole, wart or some type of skin cancer – see your dermatologist! Moles and skin cancers are not to be treated at home!

For those who want to remove their skin tags at home – naturally and easily, I’ve researched the subject and have come up with a few ways you can get rid of them at home – by your self. Once again – be absolutely certain that you’re not dealing with a more serious skin problem before you attempt to remove them.

Dry Them With Baking Soda & Castor Oil
Isn’t it amazing – yet another use for baking soda! This method will dry your skin tags up, and is especially convenient if you have a patch or clusterin close proximity. And, both ingredients are cheap and readily available – your local drug store should have both!

Mix the castor oil and baking soda to form a paste – on the thick side so it won’t slide off your body. Try to keep this paste on the tags for several hours a day – maybe use a rag or cloth to hold it in place? You should see them dry up in less that two weeks.

Tie Them Off With Dental Floss
This method is a little more invasive than  the baking soda/castor oil – and a lot faster, too. You’ll need some dental floss or other strong thread, some hydrogen peroxide or other strong anti-bacterial product, and a pair of sharp cuticle scissors.

Make sure everything is clean, and sterilized in alcohol, first.

Tie the thread or floss tightly around the base of the skin tag, cutting off circulation, and numbing in the process. Then, using the cuticle scissors, cut the tag off as close to the base as possible. Wash immediately and apply anti-bacterial solution – that put a band-aid on and you’re finished!

Good old Duct Tape
This method may not work for everyone, but for those for whom it works – they love it!

Cut a piece of duct tape small enough to cover the skin tag – and not much else. Apply the tape to the growth and keep it on as long as possible. Replace often. After a couple of weeks, you should see the tag drying up and coming off!

These are just a few of the many home remedies designed to show you how to remove skin tags.

Get rid of those skin tags – naturally! See more amazing tips and techniques at Skin Tag Removal to help you get rid of these irritating and embarrassing skin growths!


Home Wart Removal Methods And Advice

Home Wart Removal Methods And Advice

Warts are a common problem, regardless of age. They are simply skin growths caused by a virus. This virus causes cells to grow rapidly in the area. They can cause minimal discomfort but more often than not, they are more embarrassing than anything else. The fact that they commonly grow on hands means that they are in plain view for all to see. Therefore, you would want to treat them. It’s important to know how to go about home wart removal, however because you should know what options you have.

On the flip side, even after having been treated, they may recur over and again. The most important thing is to avoid it from spreading. That’s because they can spread to other parts of the body. And, it can also spread to others. Therefore, you should be very careful to thoroughly clean your hands after having touched your warts.

It is advisable to use a hand sanitizer after having washed your hands. Then, it is imperative that you dry your hands very carefully. Warts thrive in moist areas, so you have to make it as difficult as possible for them. If using public showers, gyms and pools, always wear shoes, sandals, or flip-flops to avoid forgetting them. Finally, do not share scissors, clippers, or files. It’s best to have your own. And never share these items with anyone who has common warts. If you are sharing them, make sure that the items have been sterilized.


To treat them at home, you just have to visit your local drugstore. You can pick up solutions in the form of liquids or patches. These work by being applied directly on the infected area. Be sure you follow the manufacturer’s directions for best results. For example, may be recommended to soak your hand. Don’t skip steps.

These solutions and patches contain salicylic acid, usually 17%. Anything stronger will require a prescription by a doctor. Basically, they work by peeling off the skin. This could take several weeks. However, it’s not for everyone. If you have diabetes or a weakened immune system, or are pregnant, you should consult your doctor before trying them.

Another option you have is the least expensive of all. Here, you’ll need to go into your toolbox and reach for your duct tape. As silly as this may sound, there have been positive studies regarding this form of treatment. In fact, it was even compared side-by-side with cryotherapy. Duct tape came out the winner. However, this study was shot down by others later. In truth, it can be very effective, and because it’s so expensive, it’s worth trying. It’s also a good way to avoid having cryotherapy which can be uncomfortable and painful.

Every medical problem seems to have alternative medicine treatments. One such treatment is an oil-based garlic solution. Another one is with patches that contain vitamin D3. What you should know is that there are effective treatments and medicines. That means that we can take different routes until we find the solution for us.

So, you should research the subject. You should definitely research the subject if you’re using or about to be using a more unconventional method, like the alternative medicine treatments. By doing so, you will be more informed and be able to make a better decision for yourself. The good news is that you have time on your side. As common warts are not going to pose any serious threat to you, you can try and test various methods.

Obtain much more information and facts on mole wart removal. Go to wart-off.net for acquiring techniques which are recommended.

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