How To Treat Moles –Getting Rid of Moles

How To Treat Moles –Getting Rid of Moles

Article by Michael Pearson

How to Treat Moles–Getting Rid of Moles

If you have moles on your body, don’t worry, you are not alone! Most everyone has an average of 10 to 50 moles on their body. Moles are brown spots on the skin often referred to as “Beauty Marks”. As we get older, our moles tend to get bigger and darker. To some, a couple moles on a persons face are thought to make that person look more attractive. But for most of us, we would just as soon see them gone, if not for cosmetic reasons, because they can become skin cancer.

Normal moles or nevi have the following characteristics:

* They range in color from pink, light to dark browns and black

* Their shape can be round or oval.

* Their size can range from barely visible to quite large areas.

* They may form a raised bump on the skin or they may be flat

* They may or may not have hairs.

How to treat moles or get rid of moles?

Moles can be treated and removed in numerous ways; removed with surgery, cryosurgery, removed with acids, removed by lasers, and removed by herbal products (BIO-T). Below you will find a short description of the procedures.

* Surgery. A physician removed the tissue with a scalpel and sutures the wound closed. Frequently, surrounding tissue is destroyed as well. Pain is associated with this procedure and pain killers are prescribed frequently to alleviate the pain. Some scarring is possible.

* Electrosurgery. A physician shaves the mole with a scalpel then destroys the tissue below the surface with an electric needle. If the wounds size warrants it, the wound is sutured closed. some scarring possible.

* Cryosurgery. A physician uses liquid nitrogen to destroy the tissue. This procedure can destroy surrounding tissue as well and can cause scarring. Some pain is associated with this procedure.

* Laser surgery. A physician uses a special laser to destroy the nevi tissue. This procedure minimizes destruction of surrounding tissue. Some scarring is possible.

* Acids. Some over- the- counter and prescription products contain acids that destroy the nevi tissue. This procedure is lengthy (up to six weeks) and is non-selective, meaning that it destroys all tissue it comes into contact with. Highest potential for scarring.

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